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New album and tour :
Jusqu'à demain

One foot in America, one foot in Brittany, the west part of France, Mary-Lou have been playing their country-folk songs since 1996. The inspiration of the band comes from North America's traditional music, especially from the deep south (bluegrass, cajun, blues, country ballads, folk, ...)  mixed with the french tradition of songwriting.
The songs talk about Acadia, Mississippi, Louisiana, swamps, … french lyrics telling stories of the deep south, the hobos, the trains, the dust storms …  and the America of the people.
They love Blues, jug bands, old country songs, Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Pasty Cline, Woody and Arlo Guthrie, the folk singers, the western swing... and much more !
Mary-Lou brings to France sounds and colours from this America that french people love.
That is why, year after year, they have been asked to play in many festivals and stages in all parts of France and in Switzerland and Netherlands.

Mary-Lou's 9th album "Jusqu'à demain" was released in november 2021.

Mary-Lou is :

Mary, from the Mary-Lou band Jean-Luc, from the Mary-Lou band
Mary Jean-Luc
vocals, acoustic guitar, washboard,
fiddle, kazoo
vocals, electric and acoustic guitars,
dobro, harmonica, accordion

Stephane, from the Mary-Lou band
Stephane Dhondt
piano, organ and harmonies
Benoît Perset
drums / bass

The US adventures :
They also often travel to the US (North Carolina, northern Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas). They've been touring in lovely places and Festivals many times since 2007, sometimes by themselves, sometimes with their friends from the Tammerlin Band, Lee Hunter, Arvid SmithThe Bluegrass Bombers, and Panama Red.
They toured as a duet in April 2013 in Florida and North Carolina.

Beside the Mary-Lou usual music, they released an album along with the Lonesome Day Band "Meeting around Folk, Country and Western"  (March 2013)

Mary and Jean-Luc also play sometimes as a duet (The Hoboes). The Hoboes recorded 3 albums, Vagabondage (2011), Southern Sessions (2015), a duet album along with 10 different american artists (solo or bands), in 5 different states ! , and Vagabondage Vol II (2019).

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Tour Dates

Mary-Lou has recorded nine cds and one dvd, the following ones are still available.
You can listen to samples by clicking on any album title

album Les Orages de Poussiere, 2003 "Les Orages de Poussière" released in 2003
album "Americana Favorites", 2006 "Americana Favorites" released in 2006
DVD "Mary-Lou en concert", 2006 "Mary-Lou en concert" (DVD) released in 2006
album "Courrier Transatlantique", 2009 "Courrier Transatlantique" released in 2009
album "Music Medecine Show", 2012 "Music Medecine Show" released in 2012
album "Le Goput de la Liberté", 2017 "Le Goût de la Liberté" released in october 2017
"Jusqu'à Demain" released in november 2021
album "France Bluegrass Volume II" The Mary-Lou band and The Hoboes also appears with 2 songs on a very good compilation of french bluegrass and folk music : "France Bluegrass Vol 2"

All these records are still available on the label of the band : Louise Bell Prod.

More than 25 musicians have been invited on these recordings, the band likes to have friends on stage and in the studio while recording !

You can also download Mary-Lou's music HERE

Mary-Lou on the web :

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